Namma Ooru was envisioned as a tool to disseminate the village specific information i.e. History, location, Panchayat announcements, information on various government schemes, heath initiatives, real estate development, village resources on maps and tourism etc. This would give Indian villages a global identity and provide real-time information about the village. Namma Ooru leverages on active, participation, involvement and ownership of villagers from inception hence it will be sustainable in a long run.

Components in Namma Ooru Website:

  • Village Website: To host village specific information and details such as history, location, panchayat announcements, info on various Govt. Schemes, hospital, real estate development, areas that need improvement, village resources on maps and tourism etc.
  • Group SMS platform: To exchange information among villagers and networking in the absence of internet. This tool was also used to relay Village news live on the website.
  • Village Resource Mapping: To map the various physical and geographical resources in the village and embed the map onto the website.

Scope of Namma Ooru:

  • E- Governance: Transparency , Citizen empowerment & Public participation.
  • Tools for rural India: Rural Tourism, Village entrepreneurs, cottage industries, SME enterprises , women’s SHGs can connect through this website.
  • Services: Weather, Trade, Market information and agricultural info can be disseminated via the village website.
  • Culture Capsule: We can capture the untold tales of our Indian villages, showcasing our rich cultural heritage to the world.
  • Knowledge Network: Given the current scenario where there is rapid Rural- Urban migration NOW can serve as a knowledge network to preserve our traditions.