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Namma Ooru Social Collaborative Platform is a joint initiative of IITM;s Rural Technology and Business Incubator and National Internet Exchange of India. The first phase of the project would be to create 50 village web portals for 50 different villages in the chosen pilot location. i.e. Sivaganga District from November 2010 to October 2011.


  • Creation of Village Social Group: Social groups will be created in the villages through Group SMS over mobile telephony (MESH) developed by RTBI which will facilitate the youth to voluntarily take up the responsibility towards building of the village website. Each Social group will lead by three college students and supported by the three school students and also include at least 2 village elders such as Panchayat member as mentors.
  • Creation of 50 Village Website: Village specific web site will be developed by the created social group of that particular village who would interact with each other to create, maintain and update a village website. The village website will contain extensive information about the concerning village ranging from its history, Panchyat, News and Village Resources plotted on maps.