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  • I feel very happy. Because, we are also one of the part of website creation to develp our village. And every one knows our village and its information by P. Saranya of Seethalakshmi Achi College for women.
  • It is a nice training for the students coming from rural side and improve this for all village in our Nation by Vignesh V. R. of Pannai College of Engineering and technology.
  • I learned many new things and got a clear ideas about web designing and this training was really useful by Manicka Priya S of Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engineering College .
  • I want to extract the resources in our village to the entire world by the use of this website creation opportunity by Mohamed Kuraishi of I am interested in web designing. But don't have any opportunity. The most reason to take part in this training is to make my village as globalist by Beuslas N of RajaDurai Singam Government Arts College.
  • It is very useful for gaining a knowledge and learn to a different type of education by Banupriya of Dr. Zahir Husain College .
  • This project remains very informative and made us a path to know everything about our native village what we don't know before. Its also helpful in developing our skills relaed to website both on technical and working environment. It is really obvious to say that we are very much thankful to the RTBI team which helped us on many instances to overcome our difficulties. Escpecially we owe this to Vaishnavi mam, Bala sir, Vincy mama and Janakraman sir by Prakash M of A. C. College of Engineering and Technology.
  • I got lot of new ideas from this training by S. Sindhiya of Alagappa University