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  • My native is Karaikudi, now working in Chennai. i appreciate your work for the glorious contribution for saving our village culture. All the best!!!!!!!!!!! by Karuththapandian B
  • Greetings!!! . Please send us the website address and demo to understand the functionality of the same by Hemant Kumar Kothari
  • It was a wonderful evening at CLT yesterday, Thanks to your invitaition for the Grand Finale and Award Cermeony in connection with the above. The subject itself is very interesting as to the interest shown by the students covering the Villages. The video show of each village made us know a lot of things in plus as well as minus aspects of life there. A welcome move to better the living in villages, you have succeeded in your effort to the extent of 100%. I did not know whether anybody else had thought about this subject earlier. One thing is certain. This movement by your RTBI is not only for Tamilnadu but also for the entire country to follow. I am certain that this movement will be made knownn to other States also.


    Coming to the conduct of the function, the arrangements were excellent and the Judges were cordial in asking questions to the various Namma Ooru teams for which they also answered to the satisfaction of the Judges. That reflects the interest they had shown while doing the project in their areas.


    The job of a MASTER OF CEREMONIES is a difficult one as I had gone into this work in my office culturals and Sports. You have mastered the technique as I noticed sitting as a member of the audience. You conducted the proceedings in a lighter vein also whenever the situation demanded. You thanked each and every individual connectd with this Project (including me(!)doing a small answering session of your member's questions) and the function successfully done yesterday.


    I wish you and your Team many more successes in future by S.V.SANKARAN